Online Booking Terms and Conditions

PART A: General terms and conditions

1.1 Management of the website and content-
This website is owned and managed by Travel Conn LLC. (hereinafter referred to as "TC"). The website shall be known and referred to as All references to shall be deemed to mean a reference to TC. All information and content provided on this website shall be the sole copyright of TC and all rights for distribution are reserved with TC.

1.2 Bookings
Bookings can be made by an individual or a legal entity through its employee/s (hereinafter referred to as the "User"). It is clarifies that the User may or may not be the traveller.

1.3 Manner of making bookings.
(i)Bookings can be made through the website;
(ii) Telephonic booking at the numbers specifically provided for in the website
(iii) By visiting the offices of TC.
However, bookings for travel of less than three days can only be made by sending an email to the following email address Such bookings shall be subject to availability and operational viability. In no case shall a booking request by telephone be entertained at any telephone numbers other than those listed for that purpose.

1.4 Binding contract
All booking requests made by the User shall be deemed to be an offer to enter into a legally binding contract on the terms and conditions set forth herein. These terms and conditions shall become a binding contract between and the User upon transmission by of a confirmation of the reservation via email. It shall be the responsibility of the User to read all the documentation in connection with the booking and further ensure that it is fully aware of all the terms and conditions in respect of such booking including any special conditions. The User shall further ensure that the traveller has been made aware of the terms and conditions including any special conditions as stated above prior to the date of travel.

1.5 Tariff
The User shall be responsible to pay the price shown on the invoice which supersedes any rate shown elsewhere. The rates offered by are specifically restricted for the use of the User. In no circumstances may the User disclose or market the rates published by, any information relating to it or these terms and conditions to anyone who is not an employee or personnel of the User whether within or outside the territory of USA. hereby reserves the right to cancel all bookings and terminate with immediate effect all contracts without notice or any liability to the User should the User be in breach of this condition.

1.6 Invoicing
All booking requests shall be invoiced in accordance with the tariff schedule of which is prevalent at the time of invoicing of the booking to the User. will issue electronic invoices for bookings made and the same shall be sent to the User on a real time basis. All invoices shall be due and payable immediately upon the transmission of the invoice without any discount, set-off or any other claim the User may have against Payment is required to be made by credit card ,debit card or by netbanking.

1.7 Confirmation will issue a confirmation immediately on payment of the invoice amount.

1.8 Changes in Tariffs, bookings etc. by
Prices of the service providers and the itinerary are subject to change or alteration before or during the tour without notice due to natural calamities, major currency fluctuations, increase in rates of service providers, increase in government taxes or other matters outside the control of hereby reserves the right to change without prior notice the tariff charged by to the User and to claim any increase in the tariff from a User if:
(i) The increase in tariff of the tour is 5% or more of the invoiced tariff and such increase is caused by any changes or increases made by a service provider at/during the time of actual travel by the traveller, cancellation/ postponement of events, changes in government taxes, natural calamities, or other matters outside the control of; or
(ii) The increase in tariff of the tour is 3% or more of the invoiced tariff and such increase is caused due to currency fluctuations.
In case of an increase in tariff as stated in (i) and/or (ii)above, shall generate a new invoice in this regard, which shall be sent to the User via email. The User shall pay such increment within 48 (forty-eight) hours of receipt of the invoice. If the User fails to make such payment, it will have deemed to have cancelled the booking and the clauses pertaining to cancellation due to changes as provided in this clause hereinbelow shall apply.
The User may be permitted to cancel their bookings in the event of any change in trade fair periods and in the event of cancellations the User shall be liable to pay cancellation charges or individual hotel and/or airline cancellation charges, as the case may be, for all such cancellations. If the User does not inform of its intention to cancel its booking within 48 (forty-eight) hours or within the cancellation time period stated by the hotel from the date of intimation of the change, it shall be deemed that the User shall continue with the booking irrespective of the change. All such intimations by the Users are required to be by e-mail only to the following e-mail address []. Upon cancellation the User shall be required to inform if it does not receive a confirmation email for the cancellation within 3 (three) days of such cancellation and shall not be liable for costs or damages arising as a result of a failure of the User to notify that it has not received the cancellation confirmation. In the event of cancellation the following cancellation charges shall apply and be payable by the Use as mentioned in the website against the hotel, sightseeing, transfer or the package.
In case of a cancellation under this clause, shall refund to the User the amount paid by the User less any cancellation charges. Such refund shall be made within 7 (seven) days of confirmation of the cancellation.
Circumstances can change due to events beyond the control of, such as major road works necessitating route changes, hotels undergoing renovations due to unforeseen circumstances and the like. Where is made aware of any such changes sufficiently in advance, it shall endeavour to notify the traveller directly. It is to be noted that reserves the right to make such changes without prior intimation to the traveller.
Restaurants in various countries may close or the management of certain hotels may change without prior notice to, and in such case reserves the right to change the services attached to the hotel, including meal arrangements of a traveller if the circumstances make it necessary to do so.
The User shall be intimated of any changes including but not limited to changes in the tariff, price changes, hotel name changes, hotel renovations and other important information, if any at regular intervals via emails, which shall be sent to the email address supplied by the User to The User will be deemed to have received such intimations unless it notifies otherwise for the preceding period. It shall be the responsibility of the User to inform of any change in email address for receipt of such intimation and shall in no way be responsible if the User does not receive such intimations due to its failure in informing of such change in email address.

1.9 Changes in bookings by the Use
If the User makes any changes in a booking, such change shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the original booking and the making of a fresh booking and the cancellation policy as provided in clause 1.14 below shall apply.
Additional charges might apply to amendments made within 3 (three) days of arrival and these will be advised on a booking by booking basis. If, after arrival at a hotel, a traveller decides to depart early from the hotel, some hotels charge for all nights booked, or a fixed charge in addition to the number of nights actually used. In such a case the User shall ensure that the traveller obtains from the hotel, a written confirmation of the date and time of departure if the User is desirous of a refund for the amount not charged by the hotel.
If a traveller extends his stay at a hotel, the tariff at which the traveller stays the extra days shall be at the sole discretion of the hotel and the costs incurred by the traveller for such extended stay shall be at the cost of the traveller. shall not be liable to pay for such additional stay.
If the number of apartments booked by the User is reduced this may be defined as a cancellation to extent of the number of apartments so reduced and the cancellation policy contained in clause 1.14 may apply. shall endeavour to have charges for such cancellations waived but does not make any assurance of success in this regard.
If any User wishes to change the date of travel, such change has to be dealt with by the User at its own risk directly with the airline. If no seats are available in the class first requested for by the User, the airline may offer a seat in another class and may impose a supplemental charge which shall be borne by the User.

1.10 Maximum number of bookings
Bookings made through the website may be made for upto 12 (twelve) persons only per booking transaction.

1.11 Bonafide reservations
The User hereby undertakes to make only bona fide bookings and hereby reserves its right to cancel any such bookings made by a User which in its view have not been made in a bonafide name and/or for bonafide purpose.

1.12 Accuracy of User Information
The User hereby represents and warrants that all information given by it to with respect to any bookings is accurate and correct including spellings of names and birthdates as required for the issuing of tickets and vouchers. If it appears to the User upon receipt of the confirmation from that any such information has been stated incorrectly it shall be the User's duty to intimate of such error forthwith. Further, the User shall indemnify and hold harmless from any loss, damages or claims arising as a result provision of incorrect or inaccurate information by the User to or failing to intimate if any such information is incorrect upon receiving the confirmation from

1.13 Vouchers
It shall be of the duty of the User to provide the traveller with all the necessary and relevant vouchers. Such vouchers must bear the booking id and booking reference numbers provided by to the User. The issuing and cancellation, vis-a-vis the traveller, of all vouchers shall be the sole responsibility of the User.

1.14 Cancellations.
When a booking is cancelled at request of the User shall send a confirmation of cancellation. It shall be the duty of the User to inform if such confirmation has not been received within 3 (three) days of requesting such a cancellation and shall not be liable for costs or damages arising as a result of a failure of the User to notify that it has not received the cancellation confirmation. In the event of cancellation the following cancellation charges shall apply and be payable by the User as mentioned in the website against the hotel, sightseeing, transfer or the package.
The above cancellation charges can be amended by at any time at its sole discretion. Such changes will be binding on a User only in respect of those bookings that have not been confirmed. In respect of bookings that have been confirmed, the cancellation charges specified at the time of confirmation of the booking shall apply.
if the User has already made full payment of the booking, shall refund the amount to the User after deducting the relevant cancellation charges. The User shall indemnify and hold harmless against all loss, costs, damages, charges and expenses incurred by as a result of any cancellations made.

No refund shall be made on partially unutilised air tickets or land arrangements or services.

1.15 Disputes.
1.15.1 Complaints
Complaints against any service provider (such as airline, hotel, trade fair organizer, conference facility provider, etc) should be reported to the relevant service provider on the spot. In any event, must be informed of all complaints against a service provider or against within 28 (twenty eight) days of the event giving rise to the complaint. shall not be liable to User or the traveller for any problem which could have been rectified during the travel period had the service provider been made aware of it.

1.15.2 Invoices
The User must intimate of any dispute regarding any invoices with full details of the dispute within 7 (seven) days of the issue of the invoice; failing which the User shall be deemed to have accepted the correctness of the invoice.

1.16 Passport/ Visa
It is the User responsibility to ensure that you have valid travel documentation, including but not limited to passports and visas, which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities at every destination. The User is responsible for confirming with the United States Department of State or representative government agency of the country to which you are traveling to confirm the requirements for visas and/or other requirements for admission to your destination. Any fines, penalties, payments or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be the User sole responsibility. A government issued ID is required for travel within the USA.

1.17 Information
All travel related information including information about the Events, hotels, sigteseeing provider, airlines and reports on the website of are accurate and true to the best of its knowledge. However, shall not be liable in any way to the User or to any third parties should any such information or reports prove to be incorrect or incomplete or inaccurate in any way. The dates and the statistics related to all the trade fairs displayed are taken from available sources. does not stand guarantee and will not be responsible for any replacements or changes or shifting of product profile, dates, venue.

1.18 Intellectual Property
The User shall, in no case, use the name, logo, any trade marks, copyrightable material, including but not limited to, trade names, domain names, inventions or other intellectual property including information found on this website, (hereinafter referred to as "IPR") without the prior written approval It is further clarified, that all such IPR is and shall remain the property of and in no event shall the User have any rights with respect to the same. Nothing contained herein shall at any time during the continuation of this Agreement or after the expiry or earlier determination thereof give or be deemed to give or shall be intended to give or confer upon the User any right, title or interest or claim in or to any IPR and the IPR shall continue to vest solely and absolutely in favor of the

1.19 Third Party Intellectual Property
This website also contains certain names, logos, trade names, domain names, copyrightable material, or other intellectual property including information found herein which is owned by third parties and used by pursuant to a license, a list of which is stated on the website (hereinafter referred to as "Third Party IPR"). The User shall, in no case, use Third Party IPR without the prior approval of the third party to whom such Third Party IPR belongs. It is further clarified, that all such Third Party IPR shall remain the property of the third party to whom it belongs and in no event shall the User have any rights in respect of the same. Nothing contained herein shall at any time during the continuation of this Agreement or after the expiry or earlier determination thereof give or be deemed to give or shall be intended to give or confer upon the User any right, title or interest or claim in or to any Third Party IPR. Further, the User shall indemnify and keep indemnified against any losses or damages that suffers as a result of use of Third Party IPR by the User without consent from the relevant third party.

1.20 Relationship between the Parties
The relationship between the User and is that of purchaser and vendor and in no case shall the User misrepresent their relationship with in a way that could be construed to mean that the User's business is in any way related to that of or its related companies.

1.21 Limitation of Liability
1.21.1 is only a travel organiser and does not own, control or operate any airline, any shipping company, coach or coach company, hotel transport or any other facility or service mentioned on this website, all of which are owned by third party service providers. At extreme care is taken while selecting all the ingredients of any package offered. However, since only selects and inspects the service from the service provider and has no control over the management or operation of the service, shall not be responsible for any injury, death, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of the actions, omissions or default of a service provider.

1.21.2 shall not be liable for and shall be indemnified and held harmless by the User in respect of any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) or third party claims (including any cancellation fees) suffered as a result of any incorrect or incomplete details in the booking made by the User.
1.22.3 is not liable or responsible for any overstay expenses due to delay or change in flight timings which shall be at the sole cost of the traveller. However, shall provide assistance to the best of its abilities. shall not be liable or responsible for any changes in schedule by a service provider, including due to overbooking or defaults of the service provider, weather conditions, local strikes, war, quarantine or other causes not in the control of All such loses shall be borne by the traveller. shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash, traveller's cheques or any other travel document or item owned by the traveller, howsoever caused, whether on tour or at any of their offices or by their general sales agents due to any reason such as theft, fire, floods or human error.
In case is liable to the User and the traveller for claims arising under any booking the maximum amount of's liability shall be 100% (one hundred percent) of the charges due to be paid by the User for that booking.

1.22 Governing Law
All tours will be operated in accordance with the laws of State of Connecticut and these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of State of Connecticut.

1.23 Dispute Resolution
Disputes, if any, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of State of Connecticut.

1.24 Entire Agreement
The terms and conditions contained in the following documents shall comprise the entire agreement between the User and TC:
(i) The Online Booking Terms and Conditions;
(ii) Privacy Policy;
(iii) General Terms of Use of Website; and
(iv) In case of group bookings made by a User, the Group Booking Terms and Conditions or in case of individual bookings, the FIT Terms and Conditions.

Part B: Specific terms and conditions related to hotel bookings

Bookings Requests shall pass on special requests made to it, such as non-smoking rooms, adjoining or interconnecting rooms etc in hotels to the requisite hotel, but cannot guarantee that such requests will be met, and will not be liable or responsible to the User in any way if such requests are not met by the hotel in question. shall endeavour to avoid any situation in which a hotel fails to accept a confirmed booking. If, however, this situation does arise, shall endeavour to provide the User with a suitable alternative hotel/accommodation, but does not make any representations with respect to the location or standards of such alternative accommodation.

Disability/ Handicap Facilities
If a special request is made by a User for a hotel with handicap/disability facilities, will endeavour to book hotels with such facilities, but cannot guarantee that the rooms will be equipped for the seriously disabled, that the rooms will have wheelchair access, or any other similar features.

Renovation of Hotels
Neither the User nor the traveller shall be entitled to a refund by reason of a hotel being under renovation at the time of the traveller's visit to the hotel. shall inform the User of any dates of renovation works to hotels that is made aware of, but shall in no case be held responsible if the hotel has not intimated it of such renovation work or the renovation work extends beyond the time provided by the hotel to

Check-in and check-out shall not be responsible for informing the User or traveller of check-in and check-out times of hotels, and it shall be responsibility of the User or traveller, as the case may be, to inform the traveller or itself, of such times.

Rooms - General Information (may not be applicable to all hotels)
The size and number of the beds in different types of rooms (such as triples and quads) varies from hotel to hotel and does not guarantee separate/twin beds when so requested by the User or traveller, particularly in the USA and Canada, where the type of room provided depends on the number of occupants and not the type of bed. For instance, even though twin beds are confirmed, a hotel may provide a double instead (with one bed), as both sleep 2 (two) people. Triples and quads usually have double beds rather than single ones. In case an additional bed is needed in a room, the User or traveller may request the same from the hotel and shall pay the hotel directly for such additional beds.

Bonafide use
Bookings must be made in the name of the traveller and not in a fictitious name as hotels usually refuse to accept guests who check in with names other than those on the booking form. Hotels may also refuse to check in guests whose names on the booking form are different from those on the identification documentation that the guests may be asked to produce as part of the check-in procedure. Damage to hotel property.
It shall be the duty of the traveller to comply with any and all rules and regulations of the hotels in which they stay as guests. Charges for any damage caused to any part of the staying facilities provided by the hotel by the traveller shall be the responsibility of the traveller and shall in no case be responsible for any such damage.

Rates and charges
Certain hotels provide separate rates for day use by a guest. Such rates are specific for day use and cannot be used for overnight stay bookings. If the traveller checks-out beyond the day use period, the hotel may charge its overnight published rate, which the traveller shall be responsible to pay for. Rates provided on the website are quoted per room (with private bath or shower unless shown as otherwise) and include breakfast (unless otherwise specified), service charges and government taxes.
Certain hotels provide special facilities ("Child Supplement") for children between the ages of 2 (two) and 12 (twelve) years (unless otherwise specified) which can only be added to a twin or double room, and this will be specified on the website. If the Child Supplement is specified as "N/A", the booking will have to be made at full rate for the child. If the User fails to specify the age of the child at the time of the booking, Child Supplements will not be available for that booking, and the charges for the child will be the same as those for another adult.
Certain hotels may provide for cots and/or cribs. Such cots and/or cribs are suitable only to children below the age of 2 (two) years. While cots and/or cribs may appear to be available while the booking is made, in no way guarantees the availability of such cots and/or cribs during the stay of the traveller/s.
Certain hotels, in which the stay for a child is either free or at a reduced rate, may not provide an additional bed for the child, and in case the child needs a bed it shall be the responsibility of the User and/or traveller as the case may be to request for a triple room or additional bed and to pay any additional charges in this regard.
The rates provided by hotels to are sometimes dependent on the total number of rooms booked and hence gives no assurance as to the rates posted on its website. will not honour any rate the User claims has given over the telephone.
Energy surcharges or resort fees levied by a hotel must be paid by the traveller directly to the hotel and shall in no way be responsible to pay for such charges/fees.
Certain hotels levy a local telephone service charge thereby allowing travellers to make unlimited local calls from their rooms. Such local telephone service charge must be paid by the traveller. will not pay a refund to the User in case the rate published on its website was/is, at the time of booking, close to or above the hotel's published rate as certain hotels have floating published rates that are changed daily.
Many hotels require their guests to provide either a major credit card or a cash deposit to cover incidental charges incurred by the guest during its visit and may refuse to provide rooms to the guest without such credit card or cash deposit.

Country-specific information
Certain hotels, especially those in USA, may not accept guests under the age of 21 years unless accompanied by an adult.
Certain hotels in Japan are traditional in nature and the travellers may be required to follow Japanese customs such as wearing a kimono, not wearing shoes indoors, etc. Staff in such hotels may be not be well versed in languages other than Japanese. Tourists arriving at their first hotel on a visit to Russia may have to pay a tourist tax.

In certain cases, the name/reference number of's local agent is required to be printed on the voucher, and ensuring that such name is printed shall be the responsibility of the User.
a. In the USA/Canada, if the reservation is for more than one room and if travellers have different names, all the travellers' names must be printed on the voucher. Names such as "TBA" or "X & Party" will not be accepted. If travellers are arriving at different times each traveller must carry their own voucher. They may also be charged directly and separately by the hotel if the voucher does not carry the booking reference confirmed by All travellers must therefore ensure that they carry original and voucher copies and necessary identification with them.
b. Travellers may not, at the discretion of the hotel, be allowed to check-in without a voucher or may be charged directly if they fail to present a valid voucher.

Promotional offers provided by, including those for a discounted stay at a particular hotel for a certain number of night based on a minimum stay by the traveller will not include meals. Meals taken by the traveller during such offer period will have to be paid for by the traveller directly to the hotel and shall not be responsible for making any such payments.

Apartments & Villas usually displays the maximum occupancy for each apartment and/or villa, and it shall be the duty of the User and/or traveller to ensure that the total number of people (including infants and children) using the accommodation does not exceed such maximum occupancy If the number of persons availing of the accommodation is greater than the maximum occupancy so displayed, the accommodation provider may refuse access to the accommodation or may charge the traveller/s an additional amount.

The traveller/s shall be responsible for payment of any charges and or fees levied by the accommodation provider, for the use of facilities such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, linen, security and other amenities.
The accommodation provider is likely to require its guests to provide either a major credit card or a cash deposit to cover incidental charges incurred by the guest during its visit and may refuse to provide the apartment/villa to the guest without such credit card or cash deposit.

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